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An appellation of Sonoma County, Alexander Valley flanks the Russian River from Cloverdale to Healdsburg in the northeast part of the county. Sheltered from the influence of the maritime breezes by the low lying hills northeast, it is one of the warmest areas in Sonoma, but the region's close proximately to the Russian River serves a source for early morning fog that covers the lower vineyards areas until it is burned off by the morning sun. The soil is alluvial and the heavily graveled benchlands grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot, Sangiovese and Chardonnay.
Pretty, Pretty, and then Pretty!
In this video we take an early morning walk around Beringer before all the crowds. This is a winery worth spending some serious time just sitting around and digging into some fantastic wine.
Sterling wins the prize for cool.
If you have never been to Stering the you have missed out! You are in luck today my friend because we are going to take you with us. Afraid of heights?
Can you say Italian Lesson?
In looking for information about this winery, we found this gorgeous video that takes you to Mastroberardino. If you know of a good Italian translator give us a call!
Cakebread takes us around.
In this clip you meet the James Howard, lead educator for Cakebread winery. Together we go on a fascinating tour of the vineyard.
Baby do we have treat for you.
You have never had a burrito unless you have been to Juanita Juanita. Fancy...not so much, but cozy with pinatas it surely is. Seriously worth the trip to California.
Time to go to Loudoun Valley Vineyards.
Meet Bree Anne Moore, owner and winemaker, as she tells us about her wines. Great tour!
Early Morning Before The Crowds
We went by Robert Mondavi bright and early one morning just as the sun was coming up and walk around. It felt like being in a church only with more wine than usual and totally guilt free!
Family Made
The secret to making great wine is loving the process. In this video we meet Joy Sterling. We're in the car going to do some tasting there right now! Come with us?
Time for a little Yalumba!
In this nice video find, we take a tour around Yalumba and really get to know the wine makers at Yalumba.
Bern's Fine Wines and Spirits
So we stopped in to have a look around and it took our breath away! If it's wine and its good then Bern's has it. Have a look!
Chile is just to Cool!
We found this fantastic video up on YouTube about one of our favorite Wineries , Concha Y Toro! If you have never tried their Casillero Del Diablo then you haven't lived baby!
Argentina's Wine Industry Boom!
If you want to learn more about Argentina and its wine then you have to see this video!
Virginia I am Coming Home
The view is incredible, the drive to the winery is blissful and the wine is delightful. Take a picnic basket and few friends cause you'll want to spend an afternoon lounging in the country.
We are going to Cline Cellars!
In this clip you meet the tasting manager Eric Hasen from Cline Cellars and we learn more about this fantastic winery! Then we do a tasting with Charlie!
We hear the call of Duckuhorn.
We tooled around Duckhorn Winery an you get to go with us! Come along with us and check out Duckhorn!
Baby It Is Cold Outside!
This video proves that some fantastic things happen when its freezing cold outside. If you have never heard of icewine then you have to watch this video we found about Inniskillin!
We are off to the Finger Lakes!
If you have never been to the Finger Lakes then you now have a reason to go. On this trip, we meet Mr. Kit Kalfs and dig into some big reds and some kickass whites.
Take The Last Train To Clarksburg
We travel out into the farm lands of Clarksburg, California for a look around Bogle Winery. We loved the cats and the old truck most of all.
Craggy Range Winery
If you were looking to get away and could not get out of the office then have a go with this little walking tour of Craggy Range. Then go grab a bottle of their wine!
It's a release party at Chateau O'Brien!
Chateau O'Brien has a new release and want to share it with everyone. If you have never been to Virginia then you now have a reason to go. Click on the video to learn more about this new vintage.
Sugar Ray!
After watching this video, you will quit your job and want to work at Columbia Crest. We found this video which is wonderfully informative if you are interested in how you get certain flavors in wine.
Our First Feature Wine Collector
If you are looking for standard then quickly look away. We take you to wild and wonderful West Virginia to meet none other than Dr. Nigel Clark, wine lover.
The Secrets of Spy Valley
A few nights ago, we meandered in a little wine bar and discovered Spy Valley. We hunted down this extraordinary video to give you a feel for some serious good wine.
A Tour Around Hugel
We hunted and found this fantastic video so that you could learn a bit more about Hugel. If you are into French wine then you simply must try some of their wine.
Let Vinoportation take you on a wine adventure!
At Vinoportation, we believe that wine is more than flavor notes, food pairings, and alcohol content- we take you straight to the source to meet the talented folks that work so hard to bring these bottles of liquid happiness to life. Click and start learning more about the people, places, and ideas behind every bottle.
today's flavors
Black Pepper
Vanilla, Blackberry, Black Pepper
At Vinoportation, you can search for wines that exhibit flavors you find pleasing to your palette. Each week Vinoportation highlights three fundamental flavors for you to explore. Using your favorite flavors you can discover wines that fit the occasion. This week's flavors are Vanilla, Blackberry and Black Pepper.
today's countries
United States
United States, Chile, France
Every wine producing country has some specialty when it comes to its vino. As a wine explorer, you may have countries whose wines you simply can not get enough of. Here at Vinportation, we allow you to explore wine by country. This week explore wines from three different continents: the US, Chile, and France.
today's varieties
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Syrah
Most people categorize wine by variety and its the easiest way to find a wine you might like. We have delved deep into all best known varieties and some so rare and borderline esoteric that we were amazed anyone made wine out of them at all. This week we picked Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, and Syrah.
today's regions
Napa Valley
Loire, Rapel, Napa Valley
It's amazing how a difference in location of just a few hundred feet can affect the flavor of a wine. The winds might be just right over here, and there might be just a little more or less water over there and voila, magic. This week we explore some of the world's famous winemaking areas - France's Loire Valley, Chile's Rapel and U.S' Napa Valley.
today's wineries
Spy Valley
Inniskillin, Spy Valley, Mastroberardino
Visiting a winery feels a little like visiting a piece of heaven; the beautiful countryside, the laid back lifestyle and all that wine! But a wineries reputation is its wine and behind the scene is a lot of hard farming and a thousand decisions that go into making a wine. These week we chose three outstanding wineries Concho y Toro, Cakebread and Cline Cellars.
today's colors
Red Wines
White Wines
Rose Wines
Red, White, and Rose
You might be a Red or a White Wine person, but variety is the spice of life and every wine lover needs to explore the full wine color palate. There are occasions and meals that cry out for a particular color wine, but don't be afraid to experiment. And don't forget about Rose wines, these dry refreshing wines are making a comeback.
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